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IT Support Services

You'll experience fewer IT problems due to the constant monitoring and maintenance carried out by our proactive support team.

By keeping a close eye on potential triggers for trouble and planning improvements on an ongoing basis, our team will reduce the number of times IT issues stop your team from working. They will also analyse the root-cause of recurrent problems to avoid repetition.
The majority of support you receive will be proactive, solving problems before they happen and minimising your need for reactive support.

Our Services includes:
Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance and Support is essential to success
- Virus Cleaning
- Antirus Installation and Upgrade
- Software Installation
- Operating Software Upgrades or downgrade
- Hardware Upgrades and Case Transfer

Network Support
A cohesive network reduces load time and allows you to focus on what is important

Desktop Support
Whether remote or on-site, quick desktop support increases productivity
- Website remote support

- Always have a back-up in case of a system failure
- Data recovery
- Data backup and windows repair/ reloading a fresh copy

Software Supply and Support
Keep up with the latest software and benefit from expert support

- Cable routing ,pathways and cable management
- Network room layouts and Fibre optic network
- Network Audits – Assessments, Specification, Infrastructure, Verification
- Major or Minor moves, changes, tidying network rooms
- Installation of network / telephone points
- Firewall Configuration

Cloud Hosting
- Reduce costs, decrease the chance of data loss and downtime
Web Services
 - Our friendly team will build, host and maintain your online presence.

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24/7 Support - Fixing Problems Fast

Immediate support when IT issues disrupt your productivity, getting you working again as quickly as possible.

Our Randburg based service desk is available 24 hours a day and will start working on your requests within 10 minutes. If you're unable to work at all, we'll begin fixing your problem immediately.
Faster recovery is achieved by engineers who get to know your systems and specific needs through working in small teams which service the same networks on a regular basis.

New installations
Implement new equipment or systems in your environment, from cloud services to line of business systems to additional hardware devices in line with manufacturer best practices.

Remote Support
Support remote customers quickly through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Set up unattended remote access and manage remote computers effortlessly. Completely secure and reliable.
Benefit of having Maintenance Contracts with Mctrenz Technologies
It's a world wide trend to outsource computer maintenance; 

Whatever your industry, service contracts have a lot to offer your business. Not only can they provide immediate cost savings in a variety of ways, but they can give you peace of mind as issues are addressed – and even help guard against the possibility of others developing in future.

Emergency service
IT emergencies can cause even the most stalwart managers to panic. When you have an existing agreement with an IT service provider, you’ll know quickly whom to contact in the event that emergency service is needed. When your systems are down unexpectedly, time is of the essence, and you won’t want to waste valuable minutes searching for a new service provider to assist you.

Expert technicians
Building a relationship with a technician who knows your business and is familiar with your equipment is beneficial for both parties. When you have a scheduled maintenance contract, the support team won’t have to waste time learning about your particular systems and needs. They can also acquaint themselves with your business processes beforehand, so they will know exactly what systems are most crucial for your operations

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